Install Spotify premium on any windows phone [2018]

If you are a music lover you must have surely heard of Spotify application, It is an app that lets you listen to music from around the world and of almost all the languages. But like any other awesome android app, Spotify can’t be installed on any windows phone, You need to follow a process to install Spotify premium on windows phones. In this article, you will get to know everything about Spotify and the steps to follow to install on any windows phone.

Spotify for windows phone

Spotify Premium Features

Spotify features

There are reasons for which Spotify is preferred by the fans all over the world, the features of this app are unique which other apps in the same market are unable to deliver. Below are the special features of Spotify which can convince you to install Spotify immediately.

  • Database of Spotify is un-ending: You can find almost any song from any time period like you can even listen to songs from the 90s easily on Spotify.
  • Songs are released on Spotify: Are you keen to listen to your favorite artist before anyone else can? You must install Spotify then, as many songs are released on Spotify before any other free source like youtube, SoundCloud etc.
  • New songs are suggested to you according to your taste in music, by this you will discover many songs that you will surely lie.
  • You can add songs to the queue so that there won’t be any chance of you missing to listen to your favorite songs.
  • You can share your playlists with your friends and also can view and listen to songs on your friend’s playlists.
  • You can download songs to your phone and listen to them offline.

Hope these features were enough for you to install Spotify right away on your windows phone, and if you are wondering how to install it on android phones then its very easy, all you need to do is download Spotify premium apk to your phone and install it.

How to download Spotify for windows phone

Now you must be wondering how to install Spotify on your phone, you don’t need to worry just follow the below-given steps to install Spotify premium on any windows phone.

Step 1: Go to your phone settings and navigate to the maps option and select the United States or the United Kingdom.

Step 2: Once you set the location to restart your phone and check your IP address online to verify if the location is changed to the one you selected.

Step 3: Go to the app store and search for “Spotify” And open the first app that comes on the list.

Step 4: Click on install to download the app to your phone, and it will also be installed automatically.

Step 5: You will find Spotify app ready to be installed on your app gallery, Open it and sign up using your email or Facebook account to start listening to the ocean of songs.


We hope you will love using Spotify, if you think this app can be useful for others too, then don’t forget to share Spotify with your friends on social media. And in case if you get any problem using Spotify premium, comment your errors below.

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