Install Microsoft office in Any Android phone [2018]

Microsoft office is something everyone uses in our daily life and it is assumed to be one of the basic requirement for any computer. The Microsoft office is the collection of software made by Microsoft which serves different purposes. Today in this article we will teach you how to install Microsoft office on any android phone without any error.

Microsoft office for android

How to install Microsoft office on any android phone

The idea is to install all the necessary apps of Microsoft office separately from google play store. Follow the below steps to install Microsoft Products on android for free.

Step 1: Search for Microsoft Word in Google Play and install the first app that pops up. Microsoft word is the application that lets you Create, Edit or view any type of document files. You can create .doc, .docx or even PDF using Microsoft word and save it on your phone. Microsoft Word is the worlds most used Document editor application.

Step 2: Search for Microsoft Excel in Google Play and install the official Microsoft Excel app on your phone. Microsoft Excel is the software on which you can Create or edit any kind of Spreadsheets. You can make graphs or even use Excel as a calculator. There are Infinite excel formulas that you can use to ease your work of calculation and create pie charts and other Maths related stuff in seconds.

Step 3: Go to google play and search for Microsoft Powerpoint and install it. If your job involves creating presentations then Microsoft Powerpoint is something that you must have heard of. Its No.1 Presentation software where you can create slideshows in minutes. If you want to make your presentations more interesting you can use the inbuilt animations in Power point and make the presentation more attractive.

This 3 software are the most important applications in the Microsoft Office suite. Download them separately for android and enjoy Doing your work on any android phone.


Hope you were impressed by the amazing uses of Microsoft Office and enjoyed knowing the method to use them on your andorid phone. If you are a person who use Microsoft office on your PC much, then its a good news that you can now complete your work even on your mobile phone. If you love the idea of Microsoft office, then share it with your friends who might not be aware of this.

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