About us

Yes, we’re on the road again, the Bus Tour has left the building and is on its way to Boston. ‘The Bus’ started at Microsoft Learning just over a year ago, we were responding to an economy that had changed. Today The Bus is a project that we share with many teams at Microsoft. The Bus is all about bringing events to you, it’s about careers and the career opportunities that new products present. It’s exciting, it’s fun and I look forward to our new tour!

Windows 7 is the fastest-selling operating system ever. Have you had a look at Office 2010? What about MDOP? Don’t miss these great opportunities to build your career and to build a more powerful IT infrastructure. Make sure you Get on the Bus!

We look forward to meeting you on our tour that will take us to TechEd. (and we can only dream of being treated to the same warm welcome as last year :-) )